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Western Tennessee – Enjoy the Mississippi River

There are many areas within the state of Tennessee that you might consider enjoyable on vacation. For some people, there is nothing quite like going to Nashville and taking in the music capital of the world. Other people might appreciate different things about the state, including the Great Smoky Mountain National Forest. All of those options are fantastic but one thing you might want to consider is heading west and enjoying the Mississippi River corridor.

The area of the Mississippi River in Tennessee is fantastic for anyone who wants to take a vacation that is both outdoors and active. Some of the many different options that are included within the corridor area include fishing, biking, hiking, backpacking, camping and picnicking...


Understanding the Geology of Tennessee

There are many things to enjoy about a visit to Tennessee and people who live in the area would do well to understand more about the state where they reside. There are many things to learn about the state, including the history and culture that makes it unique. Something else that you may appreciate learning about the state is about the geology. You might be surprised with exactly how much diversity is located within the state boundaries.

Most people tend to split the area of Tennessee in the three major parts, the Western, Eastern, and Middle. When it comes to the types of geology that is available in the terms of landforms, there are also three major areas as well. Those areas include the highlands and basins, the River Valley plain and the mountains.

Much of the area across middle Tenne...


The Best Things You Can Do On A Tennessee Vacation

A trip to Tennessee might be the exact vacation that you need to take. It can be one that will want to extend. Part of the reason is there’s so much to see, yet most of us never actually go to even the places that we are close to in our own state. Instead of visiting the main attractions that can be found at Nashville, you might want to branch out from there. Of course, you should go visit the Ryman Auditorium, but here are a few other ideas that you should consider.

Why Would You Want To Visit This State?

There are always going to be popular reasons to visit a particular state, whereas other states may have secret treasures that may not be advertise is heavily. When you think of Nashville, you are probably thinking about Knoxville, or even Chattanooga...


Tennessee Vacation Ideas That You Should Consider On Your Next Trip

Have you ever considered going to the state of Tennessee before? It’s one of those places that will really surprise you. They have everything from structure that is identical to the Parthenon called Centennial Park, and they also have the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains. These are just a few of the top reasons that people go, but there are definitely many others. You could take a Segway ride through Nashville or Memphis, or you can go on a ghost hunting trip down in Chattanooga. It is really up to you. Here are a couple other ideas that you should consider as you are planning your next trip to Tennessee. And if you have never been there before, these ideas might inspire you to book your trip today.

Sites And Landmarks You Should See

The first place that you want to go to is the Ryman Audit...